Gracie Grape is a T1D Super Hero

Posted by Jamie Braithwaite on

Gracie Girl is our 9 year old daughter.  Gracie Girl's least favorite thing to do was visit a doctor's office.  For several years we struggled with medical issues and visited many doctor offices.  To cope with her anxiety Gracie the Girl started drawing at each doctor visit.  Near the time of her diagnosis she started drawing fruit people.  Gracie Grape was created and had grand adventures in the waiting room.  On July 1, 2014 Gracie Grape was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes as Gracie the Girl heard the news of her own diagnosis.  Gracie Grape will be published soon in a children's book.  

Gracie Grape is our first T1D Super Hero!  She has helped our family through a very rough year with a big smile and wonderful attitude.  Gracie Grape does a great job of simplifying the diagnosis story and helping others to understand what is happening inside their bodies when they join the T1D club.       


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