Devin Kroplewski is a T1D Super Hero

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Devin Kroplewski is a high school wrestler and football player with Type 1 Diabetes.  He is the inspiration of creating the T1D Club Super Hero campaign.  Devin inspires all Type 1 Diabetics, "Anything you want to do in life you can do, and do well.  Because we fight to make sure we stay healthy and strong."   

His mother wrote the following story on Facebook and has given us permission to feature him today:

"Here's a little story about my first baby, my DS, who is growing into an amazing young man. There was an assembly at his school today for the wrestlers. Kind of a good luck send off for the team that was picked to go to regionals. After introducing the team, they wrestled for a while, showed the upcoming students what it's all about. Before my son does any practicing, he checks his blood sugar, so he came up to me in the stands and just did it. It just so happens a little boy sitting next to us was T1. He was amazed that my son just checked his blood, in front of the entire school. He started to talk to my son about not doing things because he didn't want to other kids to know about him being T1. My son (who in the last few weeks has become so confident in himself it's amazing) walks back onto the mats and grabbed the microphone. He yells "Wrestlers! Who am I!" They answer back "Varsity Captain!" The he yells "What do I do before practice!?" They answer back " You do a blood test!" He asks them why..."Because your Diabetic!" Then Devin grabs his blood tester, sits on the mat, checks his blood again, then he proceeds to give himself a shot. He walks back to the boy (who's jaw is on the floor) and tells him " You and I have been given something to deal with. We were given this because we are strong. Think of it as our super power. Anything you want to do in life you can do, and do well. Because we fight to make sure we stay healthy and strong." Well, needless to say the boys mom and I were in tears. The little boy got up and hugged his mom. Then he asked her if he could check his blood real quick. she said "Sure, lets go into the hall real quick." He said " No, I want to show off my super power." OMG the tears are flowing typing this. I am so proud of my son. Of the boy he was, of the young man he is, and of the man he will become."



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