About Us

Hello and welcome to the T1D Club Website. 

This website was created by our Braithwaite family after our oldest daughter, Gracie, was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in July 2014.  

Braithwaite Family

With her new diagnosis and new technology devices we were searching for a clear way to mark her diabetes bag in case it was lost or stolen.  When we could not find any good solutions we came up with a few of our own.  We started by designing and creating vinyl stickers and it has evolved into other merchandize such as patches, temporary tattoos, medical alert charms, flashlights, and bag tags.

One of the most exciting ideas formed by our family, the T1D Club, was stickers and temporary tattoos for November 14, World Diabetes Day.  Gracie wanted to give every student in her school a temporary tattoo to help raise awareness for Type 1 Diabetes.  Then in October another 4th grader at her school was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.  We all teamed up with the Beyond Type 1 Foundation and were able to send over 50,000 tattoos and flyers world wide to be distributed during awareness assemblies and walks.  This is the video Gracie and Tate showed to their school on November 14, 2015:  


All of the money we earn at www.t1d.club goes to ordering more supplies and creating additional stickers.  If there is a day that the shop continues to grow we will donate profits directly to the Nightscout FoundationBeyond Type 1 Foundation and/or JDRF.