T1D Journey

Welcome to the T1D Club.  This is a club that you join, whether you want to or not, on the day you hear the diagnosis words, "You have Type 1 Diabetes."  We joined the T1D family when our oldest daughter at 8 years old was diagnosed with T1D on July 1, 2014.  At the time our family was full of chaos with 5 children; 4 girls ages 8, 7, 4, and 2 years old and our baby boy was 6 weeks old.  The chaos has not stopped but our knowledge of Type 1 Diabetes continues to grow daily!    



My husband and I are both Professional Graphic Designers.  We started this shop in November 2014 after we contributed to the Open Source Nightscout #WeAreNotWaiting Project in the CGM in the Cloud Facebook Group.  We created an uploader phone wallpaper so the technology clearly appeared as a medical device.  

T1D Nightscout Dexcome Share Wallpaper Medical Device

From there it has grown into matching medical device and Type 1 Diabetes stickers, patches, magnets, window decals, and temporary tattoos.  

In order to manage our diabetes we use the following technology and equipment: Tslim pump, Nightscout Android Uploader Phone, CGM Dexcom, that connect to the cloud where we view her BG numbers on any smart phone or internet connected device including my pebble watch, laptop, and iPhone.  We also are using the Dexcom Share as of March 2015.  In our spare time (which we have very little) we are creating a CGM in the Cloud Care Portal Copilot to compliment the Nightscout Project.  The goal of the copilot is for our 9 year old type 1 diabetic to view and input her own BG data and T1D care on an iPad displayed in the classroom at school and in the kitchen at home.  Transitioning into independent care at school and away from home can be difficult for the child and the parent!!  The date input fields are designed for small fingers busy being a kid.  Allowing the nurse, teacher, caregiver, parents at home to breathe easy knowing action has taken place, information recorded and there is no need to call in the cavalry.  If you have uber nerd skills and want to contribute you can find the project on github: https://github.com/GarthDB/copilot